Reimu & Yukari

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Product Number  FG8247
Height  26.00 cm
Weight   0.50 kg
Part  91
Scale  1/12


  • Cupcake, cookies and sugars not included
  • Assembly Required
  • Painting Required
  • Instructions provided
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
  • Display base included
  • Eye decal included
  • Clear parts, Decal sheet included.
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9.6 / 10

Feedback Highlight
Melbatoastb (Canada) Translate

Packaging was excellent as usual. No pieces missing or broken. As someone mentioned before, this NOT a beginners kit. There are a lot of pieces (almost 90) and they are very, very small. The heads are about the size of my thumbnail. There are no instructions that come with this kit so be prepared. This makes for a much much longer prep time. For the most part though, everything goes together pretty well. I did have to heat bend a few parts to get them to fit and there were a few parts that the details were completely filled in with resin that I had to use my drill to carve out the details lost. Like in some of the hair pieces and the ruffles in both skirts. The hair on the blonde (Yukari) is a bit complicated and has the most parts but looks amazing once its all together. Because there are no instructions the best way to figure out where everything goes is to look at the stock photos of the kit. I like the quality of the clear resin, though some of the tabs on the clear pieces were a bit big and in very awkward places. Like the clear underskirts. Instead of putting the tabs on the waist part of the skirt that had no ruffles on it and would be hidden under the main skirt piece, there were tabs right smack in the middle of the ruffled part so you have to completely reshape it back into a ruffle and not a bog blob of resin. Same issue with the clear lace part for the bodice of the dress. I didn't have a problem with over sanding on my kit. All the details that are not covered up by tabs are crisp and clear. The faces are really cute, though Reimu's face on my kit looked a bit weird. Her nose is a bit flattened and pushed down so instead of having a cute nose she had a snout like a dog, I had to carve her an upper lip so her nose didn't go straight down to her teeth. Although there were a few issues, overall its a beautiful, tiny, dynamic and fun kit to have, if you are up for the challenge.

Latest Feedback
ㄎㄎ (Taiwan) Translate



Fast shipping, the details came carefully wrapped, so every detail arrived safe. As everyone says here, there are a looot of tiny details, but casting is great, so no need to cover gaps.


Figure arrived safe n sound, sadly the instructions are of very little use but luckily the site pictures show most of the angles to be able to muddle threw.

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