Super Sailor Moon (Pre-painted)

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9.3 / 10

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I always love that resin and when i discovered e2046 was selling one, i was so happy. I received it today and i have to say : it's a perfect item. It's BIG, very detailed. It's really a piece to have in a collection !

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La figura es perfecta pero tienes que romperle los dedos de la mano para poder encajar el cetro... esta muy mal pensado y tener que romper la figura para poner el cetro es penoso... Muy decepcionada con este error pero la figura es muy grande, perfectamente pintada y maravillosa


Beautiful paint job. Some of the pieces didn’t fit together great. One part of the clear ribbon in the back doesn’t fit flush with the main body. A piece came broken (clear arm ribbon on shoulder) but easily fixed with some super glue. But otherwise she is fantastic


Very big and amazing figure! Painted divinaly, especially the glossy and transparent parts. I love this pose and fuku, it's my favourite and it has been made very well. you have to be a little careful in the assembly. I'm sorry it doesn't have a base, but it's the same beautiful and wonderful. Great job!

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