Knight of Gold Buster Launcher SMS Version

Rupture de stock
Référence du Produit  RT2532
Hauteur  36.00 cm
Taille de la boîte  Hauteur: 14 cm | Largeur: 20 cm | Longueur: 37 cm
Poids   2.29 kg
Pièce  165
Echelle  1/60
Fabricant  SMS


  • Assemblage Requis
  • Peinture de l'Objet Requise
  • Plan de montage Fourni
  • Service d'Emballage Sécurisé : Envoyé dans une boite supplémentaire, pour améliorer la protection de l'objet.
  • Le socle n'est pas inclus, peut-être seriez vous intéressé par l'achat de Socles
  • Includes decal sheet
  • Authorized Product by SMS
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7.5 / 10

Dernier Avis

There are many components. Difficult to confirm parts Good condition of the product


I've heard good reputation of SMS a long time but this mold disappointed me. After been waiting for 3 months for the item to be arrived. I began with parts check and found out that there are quiet alot of faulty and missing parts. Some could be fix and some has to be replaced. I directly contact SMS but no reply from them at all. So I had to contact customer service from E2046, well E2046's services is beyond expectation. The claiming procedure took very long than the other company but E2046 never will never leave you. (No problem with mailing with the staffs "very fast") To be honest, I just received the replacement parts the order was sent on the very first of February and completed by the end of June. If E2046 could work faster, I think E2046 will be one of the very best company.