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Número Producto  FG8310
Altura  30.00 cm
Peso   0.69 kg
Piezas  57
Escala  1/6


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9.6 / 10

Comentario en Evidencia
leonasenshi (México) Traducir

I received Strider a few days ago, I have to say that this is a huge kit, E marks a height of 30 cm but once you put it together, it actually measures close to 80cm from the very bottom to the very top of the last strand of his scarf, so FYI The cast was great, there was a lot of good detail preserved, however, there was some oversanding on several areas of the majority of the pieces. Fitting was ok on most of the figure, other do have some gaps and some pieces will need to be warped with hot water to be able to connect correctly. Over all the quality that e gave this kit is very good. On the side note, not related to E but more on the kit (this did not affect my rating btw), this kit has a ton of pieces and none of them have any connection guides, meaning that it will require extra work so that the pieces won't slide or swivel when pinning as they are all flat, the sculptor did not think ahead so that the modeler won't have this type of problem, so this in my opinion is very inconvenient, if you have ever bought a B-club sculpt, it's the same thing, I point this out as this kit is recent and it surprises me that even an amateur sculptor did not think of making good connection guides.. The base is hollow, you will need to fill it up with some plaster of paris or something similar as the figure is heavy and needs a good stable area to pin it to the base. definitely not a kit for beginners, this kit requires a higher amount of skill to complete it.

Último Comentario
Kabankuru (Macao) Traducir

Nice cast, great details

MaxwellSmart (France ) Traducir

A big kit with good cast, and multiple possibilities for detailling the base. Warning, with the scarf it can be high ;)

Cardinal (Alemania) Traducir

Great sculpt and great packaging.

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