Spade J

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Product Number  DL0158
Weight   1.45 kg
Part  1
Scale  1/6


  • Including:
    Action bady
    Black hat
    White shirt
    A red tie
    Black vest
    Black leather trench coat
    Black trousers
    Black socks
    Black and white shoes(1) PAIR
    Glove Palm(1) PAIR
    AR-7 Explorer
    AR-7 8round mag
    AR-7 15round mag
    G17 pistol
    G17 17round mag
    G17 19round mag
    G17 31round mag
    Black round sunglasses
    long scarf
    Large black leather bag
  • Minor Assembly Required
  • No Painting Required
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
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