Nendoroid Solid Snake (PVC)

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Référence du Produit  PV4879
Hauteur  10.00 cm
Poids   0.45 kg
Pièce  1
Fabricant  Good Smile


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  • Aucune Peinture de l'Objet Requise
  • Service d'Emballage Sécurisé : Envoyé dans une boite supplémentaire, pour améliorer la protection de l'objet.
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Zan Li (Germany) Traduire

Greetings Guys Solid Snake sneaked his way into my house. Well he is very detailed. Every Pocket, Bolt and even the Hairlaces are fine modeled. The Straps for his Bandana can be pulled in the back of his head. There is a small Gap between both halves of his Hair. He has many joints. More than other Nendoroids. His Feet and Breast also has joints, so you can position him in every pose you want. He comes with many hands, one when he`s talking via Codec, two for the Guns and even one with a cigarette. He also has his Socom Handgun with silencer and the Famas. He doesn`t have a second Faceplate but a whole other Head to switch with. And this is a funny Head, cause it looks like in the first MGS Game on Playstation. There is even a cardboard in there, which has to be folded first. Snake´s most favourite hiding place. Well the painting of him is really good. His Battle Uniform is mostly grey in various tones. The Bolts on his shoulders are copper. The common metalic black for both weapons. And Brown for his hair that has some nice shadings. They even draw on the other head the eyes in pixels. To make it look more like the first MGS Game on PS. Well thats it for Mr.Snake With best Regards Mr.Li

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