Eris (Pre-painted)

상품 번호  PF8751
시리스  Infinity
높이  38.00 cm
박스 크기  높이: 22 cm | 넓이: 24 cm | 길이: 38 cm
무게   2.04 kg
부품 수량  6
스케일  1/6


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Chaos, strife, discord: all of these would be proper description for Eris. This evil goddess is bring hatred and disputes to our world. The fifth installment of ORI Infinity is making a new attempt in both the character setting and design. Unlike previous work of Thalia, whom are goddess defending for their beloved one, Eris is nothing but a chaos incarnate. As an expert of provocation, she had induced several discords in heaven, which leads to her exile. Instead of learning a lesson, she decided to continue her evil deeds in the mortal world.
Eris Eris Eris Eris Eris Eris Eris
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9.8 / 10

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Klein Cress (미국) 번역 내용

This one was because of my interests in the darkness series, I'm select to have chosen one or two models I like from there series. It's the original series from our friends here at E2046 and has been continued for a long time. My model is NFRB and it's the most popular series E2046 has ever done by their own declaration request, so it's gotten huge support to have a large selection of figures. It arrived in perfect condition and despite the unique outfit has very good long term collection value.

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The figure arrived without any damages due to the careful packaging. She is very painted very detailed and a beauty to behold. We are very happy with her.


Really love this figure and forgot to leave feedback. Unfortunately 2(?) years later and she's developed a significant lean forwards and to the side, not stable anymore. I'd definitely buy another one though, the shelf isn't going to look the same.