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Product Number  FG8761
Height  27.00 cm
Weight   0.62 kg
Part  42
Scale  1/6


  • It is NOT PVC. It is GK version we offered
  • Assembly Required
  • Painting Required
  • Instructions provided
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
  • Display base not included, you might wish to purchase from Display Base
  • Eye decal included
  • Fine rubber tubing, Clear parts included.
  • GK Surprise
    We are offering Annabel with 3 butterflies.
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9.6 / 10

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Latest Feedback

Honestly while the cast was good and the details came out beautifully this kit had some major issues. Pros first, as always, but as far as my experience went this was one of the worst so far. Pros: 1) Detail is good, actually it's great. Everything is preserved. 2) The parts that fit, do so extremely well. Cons: 1) Extreme yellowing on both wings and the lingerie. Now for the wings, this isn't an issue as they are simply meant to be mildly translucent. However for the lingerie which is meant to be pink tinted and sheer the yellowing is a major issue as now, no matter what i do aside from a recast, which I can't do and I'll explain why in the next con, it will at best be a light pink-orange hybrid. 2) The lingerie and the hair are warped. Normally this is as simple as heating the part and pressing the pieces it's supposed to attach to against it to bend it into a better fitting shape. However because of the design this isn't possible and means the parts of the hair that are warped and the lingerie must be bent into a usable position freehand. 3) This isn't a con so much as a disappointment. I bought this with Daisy. Daisy came with a cast of the original stand for this figure set (there are 3 in the series. daisy, annabel, and freesia) and this one did not. It's not a terrible con, but it's one that does make it difficult to suggest this as most figures in a set you want to be known they are part of a set when you have them in your collection. I suppose we can leave this to being a minor gripe on my part. Overall as with most casts from e2046 this is still a good cast, but with the problems it's really hard to give this a good score. This is the territory of this hobby, you have to work with issues presented often. Yellowing is caused by improper storage of clear resin parts where they are directly exposed to UV light and warping is caused by removal of the part before being fully cured. Warping at this level means the part was pulled way too early.

RedMachine72 (United States) Translate

I love this collection. I have all either already in or on pre-order for my collection of "fairies". Fit was great as always and seams were not a problem. As with the other, the hardest part was getting her wings just right when masking and painting. I do a loose fit assembly and the colors just just out to me after that I go with. Sometimes, it has taken me a week or more to get the look just right. But once done, she along with her other "fairies" sisters look great in my collection.

frenriswolf (Germany) Translate

gutes Kit, mit guter Passgenauigkeit

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