Sailor Moon (Pre-painted)

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Classement des Meilleures Ventes  # 34 dans Gathering Voir Tout
Référence du Produit  PF8888
Hauteur  23.00 cm
Quantité de pièces  1
Echelle  1/8


  • Assemblage Requis Minimal
  • Aucune Peinture de l'Objet Requise
  • Plan de montage Fourni
  • Service d'Emballage Sécurisé : Envoyé dans une boite supplémentaire, pour améliorer la protection de l'objet.
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9.4 / 10

Top Avis
Amina (Canada ) Traduire

This was my second purchase from E2046, and I am very pleased! This figure was something I had to have from the moment I saw her, and I pre-ordered as soon as she was available. Her details are all finely painted (her broach, neck piece, and wand are particularly well done) and she looks fantastic put together. The hair is also something to be admired, it really adds beauty and movement. I was only slightly disappointed by some scuffs on the paint, mostly on her skin on the leg and arm but also some on her white glove. The imperfections are not immediately noticeable, and don't effect the figure itself. I also had to glue her head in place, as for some reason it liked to pop off and wouldn't stay put! I think it just needed something extra to secure it due to the hair all to one side. Overall I am quite happy with this figure and very much looking forward to Sailor Mercury. Also hoping they continue this line with the rest of the Senshi Mars, Jupiter, and Venus!

Dernier Avis
Lester (Oman ) Traduire

I love it!!!! It is super stunning, thanks :)

Cure Scarlet (Allemagne) Traduire

Eine sehr schöne Figur, alle Teile passen perfekt und der Zusammenbau ist dank der Anleitung sehr einfach. Die Teile der Figur waren super verpackt. Auch die Bemalung ist perfekt☆ Ich liebe das schimmernde Perlweiß das verwendet wurde ^.^ Die schönste Sailor Moon Figur die ich nun besitze. Das war meine erste und sicher nicht meine letzte Bestellung :) Very beautiful figure, perfect fitting parts. Easy assembly thanks top the instruction. The packing of the parts was very careful. Moreover the painting is flawless☆ Love the gleaming pearlwhite that is used ^.^ The prettiest Sailor Moon figure in my collection. This was my first purchase, definitly will buy something again :)


Beautiful figure! No flaws on the paintjob and easy to put together. She looks beautiful next to the figuarts zero outer senshi :) Love the Crystal-style look and the shiny paint makes her look more elegant. So glad I bought her!

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