Elin Nightmare Version

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Expected Release 2019-09
Product Number  FG9193
Series  TERA   Related Website
Height  24.00 cm
Weight   0.67 kg
Part  28


  • Assembly Required
  • Painting Required
  • No Instruction Provided. Parts List Only.
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
  • No display base is included, you might wish to purchase from Display Base
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9.7 / 10

Feedback Highlight
sh4d0wdr4g0n (Germany) Translate

Must have for Elin/Tera fans! combines fine detail work-areas on the armor and weapon with a respectable amount of parts...few more than a basic figure may have but still lower than some big robot kits! Cast is very good as always with all the fine lines on the armor perfectly preserved

Latest Feedback
Noxihra (France) Translate

très bon produit, juste dommage pour les yeux qui ne sont pas inclue...


I will confess that Elins are probably my favourite MMO race - cute bundle of sarcastic death that they are ! The weaponry is really well crafted with plenty of detail, though I've yet to do more than a dry fit so I'm curious how well it will need to be pinned to the figure to hold up. The face is really nicely done - the fox ears are perfect and the casting quality is what I've grown to expect from E2046. The detailing on the outfit is really nicely done, though I'm still debating the best way to paint the stocking tops so the fleshtone on the legs will show through. Now all we need is a slayer version wearing the mooncloak huntress armour ^_^

Saurus (Canada) Translate

Almost no work to do on it, everything fit perfectly. Some tabs are really bad, but overall it's great

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