US$ 54.83
Más Vendido
US$ 57.72
US$ 54.83
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Clasificación de los Más Vendidos  # 84 en Personajes GK Ver Más
Número Producto  FG9309
Serie  Wonderland
Altura  23.50 cm
Ancho  18.50 cm
Tamaño de caja  Altura: 14 cm | Ancho: 21 cm | Largo: 33 cm
Peso  0.98 kg
Cantidad de Piezas  48


  • No es de PVC sino una versión GK
  • Requiere Ensamblaje
  • Pintura Necesaria
  • Instrucciones Incluidas
  • Servicio de precauciones extra: Cargado en el acolchado extra, garantiza la seguridad
  • Probado el Ensamblaje de las Piezas
  • Incluyendo la base
  • Calcomania de los Ojos incluida
  • Hojas de calcomanías Incluido
5 Estrella
4 Estrella
3 Estrella
2 Estrella
1 Estrella

9.7 / 10

Comentario en Evidencia
Rafa Frodo (Brasil) Traducir

A beautiful figure and a good conversion for GK. It will certainly be a challenge and I have no doubt that it will be incredible at the end. Good fittings. Some mold lines that need work but nothing bizzaro or difficult. Is a kit for experienced builders with hard work and hours of fun. The decal set is incredible! Good Job E! Tks

Último Comentario
elissssa (Italia) Traducir

All ok. Thanks. This kit are too pretty. I would like do very soon. Thanks e2046. Resin top quality like ever

Kritsana (Tailandia) Traducir

this kit comes with base and decal. worth it !!!


What did I get myself into with this? This is a question I've been asking since I opened the box and stared at the parts. Not even giving an overview, just straight into pros and cons of my experience. Pros: 1) Detail is fantastic, there isn't much small detail which is really nice, but it does also mean that the detail that is there needs to be really good as there are no distractions from it. 2) There is almost no warping, and the warping that is present is so minimal that it might as well not exist. 3) There's almost no gaps. if there's a place that shouldn't have gaps there isn't a noticeable one. This is honestly one of the best kits I've had. Cons: 1) The hair is 11 pieces. This isn't a con in and of itself, but it really is. 2) The chain of the pocket watch has so much flash that it did take a few hours of cleaning with different needle files.However this is understandable given the intricacy of the part. 3) The pour tabs are in the worst spots. 4) The decals are fine for the most part, but the part for the stockings only comes in 2 strips so you have to separate them at different sections. This makes them extremely easy to accidentally cut into rather than simply separate. Overall this kit is amazing, but there's just so many parts and the small details on it are either decals or painted objects. Despite its size, despite its simplicity in appearance, if this is your first Gk that you're considering, stay away from it. The pour tab positions make it very easy to break a piece too far in, the chain is going to require heavy cleanup, and whether you're painting or using the decals the details they are for are so small. That said, if you do have experience with GKs this is a fantastic kit and overall suggested. I'm tempted to give it a 10/10, but I don't think it was actually perfect--just close.

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