Rory Mercury

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US$ 62.25
US$ 56.02
Product Number  FG9504
Height  28.00 cm
Weight   0.52 kg
Part  65
Scale  1/7


  • Parts Fit Test Confirmed
  • It is NOT PVC. It is GK version we offered
  • Assembly Required
  • Painting Required
  • Instructions Provided
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
  • Includes display base as shown
  • Includes eye decal
  • Includes Decal sheet
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9.6 / 10

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Great figure, I have big plans for this one.

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wrinkledm (United States) Translate

Casting & detail were outstanding for this kit. This was up to the detail and quality I expect from E. However......... What really lets it down is the really dumb choices made for keying the parts together. In full disclosure, all the issues can be fixed, but it's very time-consuming. In nearly all the part joints, the female keys are pocketed far deeper than they need to be. This excessive depth makes necessary the builder to add an epoxy-micro balloon mixture to provide material to drill the pins into. Otherwise pinning the parts would not have been possible at all. The other really dumb engineering choice was to fully join one half of the rock base. Yes, it saves the builder from dealing with one extra joint, but the design overly complicates assembling the base parts as one of the important support parts necessitates it to be joined to its mate both sideways and downward at the same time. Since both, the side and bottom of the part are keyed assembly becomes a royal pain to get the part to fit into place. So again, really a nicely detailed kit, but the fit is mediocre with some really dumb engineering/fitting choices. I can still recommend this figure, but not for the novice builder.

laujunhe910 (Hong Kong) Translate

齊件! 發貨速度也很快


Yes ! A nice model of Rory. Decals for her axe are included.

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