Eleonora Viltaria Bunny Version (PVC)

Número Producto  PV5963
Altura  30.00 cm
Box Size  Altura: 44 cm | Ancho: 32 cm | Largo: 25 cm
Peso   2.23 kg
Piezas  1
Escala  1/4
Fabricante  FREEing


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10 / 10

Último Comentario
Zan Li (Alemania) Traducir

Greetings Guy`s, Well well well, this beauty triggered the WOW effect for me from the moment I saw her. Dunno why, but it is so! And now, while she`s standing in front of me, I´m not disappointed. AND thats good! Now let me tell something about her. She is qualitative very well made. Her Skin is flawless, I haven`t seen some seam lines or other ugly surprises. Her Hair is smooth. And it is nicely shaped, she even has her hair accessories in combination with the Bunny ears. And the Bunnysuit is also good and realistic shaped on her back, with the fall of the folds. There`s nothing to complain about the bracelets and choker. As shown in the pictures, she can be displayed topless. There`s a exchangeable top, that`s also good shaped. The stockings are made out of cloth, as with all the BunnyGirls from FREEing. They have experienced specialist in this area. Like all BunnyGirls she wear nice Pumps. And there is nothing wrong with them. The Bunnytail... well it`s a Bunnytail. Truth be told, I always think that this is the ugliest part on the Figurines. Its`s just a ugly shaped junk of PVC. A nice fluffy cotton ball would be so much better! Maybe the E20-team can recommend this Idea to FREEing for me? Well what can I say about the painting. Her Skin has a nice teint and nice shadings. Even her boobs. A thin smooth red line for her mouth. And her Eyes are nice painted. I like the look of her face. Silver hair with perfect shadings. Gold and red for the hair accessories are nice painted. The blue for the Bunnysuit, Ears, Pumps and upper Arm bracelets are well painted. Very good shadings and accents. Well for the exchangeable Top, I thin it is a little bit brighter then the Mainbody. But well, who cares! The white on he Bracelets and the inside of the Top has a bluish touch. And the Tail is just white! Well thats it for Eleonora Viltaria Thanks for reading, you are a great Audience. Many thanks for reading! All of you, have a nice day With best Regards Mr.Li