Polar Bear Robot

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Product Number  RT2864
Series  Arctic War
Height  13.00 cm
Weight   0.42 kg
Part  30


  • Assembly Required
  • Painting Required
  • Instruction not provided. Parts List Only.
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
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9.4 / 10

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Nods to ma.k. Good enough for addition to collection.

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The casting is very clean and high quality. Mold lines are minimal and require very little cleanup. However there are some issues with this kit. For one, the lack of instructions is a bit of an issue, particularly since there are only two photos of the model on the product page, and they're both taken from the same angle. I've also had trouble finding any other information about this model elsewhere online. So where some of these parts are meant to go is something of a mystery. Having some guidance for the build order would also have been helpful, as all of the joints are just curves; this allows for multiple choices of pose but also makes dry-fitting the model before gluing anything together pretty much impossible. The other issue is with the armor plates. Most of them seem designed to attach via a sort of hinge, using tabs with little dimples on them; presumably on the original kit the components of these hinges slid and snapped together. However on the kit I received the resin does not have enough "give" to allow the components to slide together; the material is simply too hard. I've tried pushing them together and exerted quite a bit of force, but had to give up as I was worried that the little tabs would snap if I pushed any harder. Not the end of the world as the hinges can be drilled out and rebuilt using some sort of pin or rod. But as-is the engineering on this kit leaves something to be desired. Finally, minor quibble, but I'm not sure why the icon for this kit has the "Conversion" border around it. This is a full kit, not conversion parts for another kit. All-in-all it's a good quality kit and the subject matter is fun, but the issues are going to make the build quite a bit more challenging than I was expecting.

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