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Product Number  FG9821
Series  Fashion
Height  40.00 cm
Weight   1.66 kg
Part  26
Scale  1/4


  • Parts Fit Test Confirmed
  • Assembly Required
  • Painting Required
  • Instructions Provided
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
  • Includes display base as shown
  • Includes eye decal
  • Includes Clear parts, Decal sheet.

KOS-MOS's figures have been taking the world by storm. As it's known that KOS-MOS ver.2 seldom appears in the game, not to mention her models, ORI is here to make your dream come true!

This is the first time ORI makes a transparent body in aqua blue, like the original setting of shock gel, with visible frame. Besides, a transparent hair and a tailor-made display base highlight the project.

* As the bones stick to the clear parts, they cannot be disassembled. Therefore the bones are pre-painted for the GK version
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9.9 / 10

Feedback Highlight

I am absolutely stunned by how beautiful this kit is in person - it's ten times more amazing than the photos on the site show. The painted parts cast in clear resin are just amazing. The clear resin itself is FLAWLESS. The surface is in perfect condition, there are no seamlines or imperfections on the clear parts, and the pour tabs are in spots relatively easy to deal with. This kit is so beautiful it's hard for me to express. This is the only Ori kit so far that I have preordered the moment orders opened. If more Ori kits are like this one, especially with the stunning clear parts, I will be one of the first customers to order every time. There is one area of oversanding down the straight leg that KOS-MOS is standing on, which creates a frustrating flat plane all the way down the leg. It is fixable for me, but it's an annoying blemish on an otherwise outstanding kit. Thank you e2046 and whichever folks were involved with the design and production of this kit. I am so happy and proud to own a copy (eek I may have to go back and buy another one).

Latest Feedback
sh4d0wdr4g0n (Germany) Translate

Absolutely stunning! The clear Parts are awesome, the cast is flawless if you ever get the chance to get one grab it! As far as I know there only was one run of those since the casting with the clear parts was quite tricky...would love to see more casts with that style!

enguss (Canada) Translate

Great kit great quality great service!


Just arrived. Impressive. Nothing like it. Thank you.

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