Egon Spengler - Ghostbusters (Doll)

Número Producto  DL0895
Serie  Miscellaneous
Peso   1.74 kg
Piezas  1
Escala  1/6


  • Including:
    Pair of Gloved Hands
    Pair of Gloved Hands for holding Proton Wand
    Right Finger pointing Hand
    Right Hand for holding Gamma Rate Meter
    Pair of Hands for placing on waist
    Right Gloved Hand for holding Radio Set
    Khaki Brown tailored Realistic Flight Suit with 'SPENGLER' name and 'No Ghosts' patches
    Black T-Shirts
    Pair of Authentic jump boots
    Pair of Elbow Pads
    Set of Proton Pack equipped with
    The Cyclotron and Power cell which have working light that light up operated by a switch The Proton Wand which has working light that light up operated by a switch
    Set of Proton Beam which can be assembled to the Proton Wand. 1 PKE
    Gamma Rate Meter
    Radio Set with Holster
    Pair of glasses
    Yellow rubber connector
    Light grey pistol belt
    Different Key Fobs
    Belt Gizmo with Holster and 1 Daughterboard
    BW002 Figure Stand
    Ghostbusters' Stickers
    Graphic props : Newspaper & Magazine cover * 6
    Production details might be subject to change without any prior notice
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abdulrahman (Kuwait ) Traducir

Very nice good finsh

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