US$ 55.11 US$ 61.23 할인 10%
US$ 61.23
US$ 55.11
상품 번호  FG10024
시리스  Gundam
높이  31.00 cm
무게   0.61 kg
부품 수량  22
스케일  1/5


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9.8 / 10

구매후기 하이라이트

This kit is amazing. Everything is well cast, and the sculpt is fantastic!! Highly recommended

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rebelpriestess (연합 왕국) 번역 내용

This was a nice figure to paint. Large kit, good detail and clear lines. I was impressed by the size of the figure and the sculpting job. There wasn't a lot I had to sand down in prep stage, just some minor casting imperfections that showed up after priming. Tabs, when there are any, are well placed. Unfortunately a thin piece of her shirt ( the bottom most flap that covers her chest, underneath her scarf) had broken off in shipment. I was a bit baffled as the kit was well protected. The piece was easy enough to glue together and nobody can see the repair as it broke off along a crease. Most of the fit was all right. I had to fill in some gaps between the chosen face and her hair with putty, and between her posterior and bikini line. The hairline piece I had to sand a lot before it fit flush against her hairline, however I feel this wasn't a bad thing because it would be a very thin, fine piece if it fit right out of the box and prone to damage. I also found it a bit difficult fitting her pigtails. They were the most ambiguous fit in the kit and I experimented until I found the right orientation and place on her head following the photograph. It isn't necessary, but I think if I did this kit again I would use wire reinforcement in her joints as well as glue, since it's a heavy figure. Hope you find this useful.

resinkanono (벨기에) 번역 내용

The kit came safe and complete Nice resin quality and sculpt Gyanko is a cute plump girl ^^

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