Junchoon odk with Super Launcher

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Product Number  RT0020
Height  25.00 cm
Parts Quantity  84
Scale  1/100


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Arriving in good condition with no issues. Thank You.

Winston (Canada) Translate

This is a recast of the WSC 2989 Junchoon. (don't let the confusing pictures of the Volks Final Junchoon, WAVE injection Junchoon and 1988 Volks 2989 fool you) The parts are quite clean, but some areas really suffer from thin-ness to the point in which you can very much see daylight through the armour. This is a worry, and I hope that a thick coat of surfacer will be enough to deal with it. The manual is sparse and does not use a photocopy of the WSC. Instead, it is from FIVE STAR WORKSHOP. They have included, as a nice bonus, the Peidoll Spear, which is not at all present in the WSC model. Unfortunately for me, I prefer water slide decals to raised sculpted markings. I find that this is a very tacky alternative to real markings. A good balance between the two would have been markings scribed onto the model. However, it is only detrimental to me - many in the modeling community prefer the soft, difficult to paint (and look nice), out-of-scale raised detailing. While a good model, I do not think that it is was worth the $100 asking price. Nonetheless, it is a good alternative to paying $500 USD for an original WSC Junchoon.

Vincent Valentine Translate

Well packed in a small plastic container as usual. Bubble wrapped in two bags with good care. The casting itself is decently clean, with notable pinholes in some of the larger areas (such as the upper torso) only showing under intensive light. Very thin areas in the rear skirt armor region. Most areas are well represented with sharp corners and detail reproduction with minimal pinholes and flaws. However, as mentioned, some areas do exhibit some pinholing and some parts are less than well cast. However, rescribing and groundwork can easily overcome these minor issues. Some parts have softer and melting detail - but this can easily be rectified with a bit of time and dedication. Five Star Workshop has been kind enough to sculpt the decals onto the kit as raised parts - although most of the markings didn't come out perfect. I will have to print my own markings out for this model, I think.. The addition of a Peidoll Spire is especially important in this kit: as the WSC model does not at all include this weapon. This is a very pleasant bonus. I give this kit an 80% as a recast. Thanks E2046! As the original has been OOP for many years and goes for nearly 500 USD on Y! Japan.