Sailor Moon (Pre-painted)

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예약주문 (예약완료)
특가할인 마감일 2020-12-10
선불 결제시 현금 쿠폰 US$ 3.60 적립
수량 1
인기상품 순위  # 6 Gathering에서 (Gathering 내에서 에서 찾아보기 )
상품 번호  PF10198
시리스  Fashion
높이  43.50 cm
박스 크기  높이: 20.3 cm | 넓이: 30 cm | 길이: 35.8 cm
부품 수량  1
스케일  1/6


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Sailor Moon Sailor Moon Sailor Moon Sailor Moon Sailor Moon Sailor Moon
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8.8 / 10

구매후기 하이라이트

Absolutely gorgeous, had to make some minor modifications (one of the hair pegs didn't fit into the hole, had to shave the peg a bit), but otherwise a perfect figure. Great paint job, nothing was broken

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Chronotrigger (아일랜드) 번역 내용

I call her the hair monster, she is gigantic and so many hairs... Really catches your eyes in any collection.


Just wow! She is absolutely beautiful and stunning. My favourite figure. If you ever need help deciding - I'd say this is a must-have figure. E2046 did an amazing job. Thanks guys! Came packaged so well. Painted so well. Slight mark or chip here or there but only with a supercritical eye. But so glad there were no broken pieces. Geat to have the magnets. Wish there was a magnet put on her right bun as it is a bit loose and heavy with all the hairpieces inserted.


Beautiful figure! I am very happy with it. Only one little thing that buyers may need to pay attention is that her hair parts (especially the hair strings from the sides of her face) are very fragile so when you assemble the parts, you’d need to be extra extra careful handling these pieces to avoid breaking. The metal stick from her sole to connect the figure to the base could be a bit thicker and more stable. It’s a bit delicate as well. Other than that, I love this figure and I love how carefully they packed it. Great customer service as communication is very easy and quick. Very informative about shipping and handling, and whether or not there may be a delay. I really appreciate that.