Roy Mustang (PVC)

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Product Number  PV6824
Height  23.00 cm
Box Size  Height: 31 cm | Width: 28 cm | Length: 26 cm
Weight  1.48 kg
Parts Quantity  1
Scale  1/8
Manufacturer  Kotobukiya    Related Website


  • No Assembly Required
  • No Painting Required
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
  • Please noted that reservation might not be served even with pre-order due to VERY limited quotas
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Latest Feedback
Zan Li (Germany) Translate

Greetings Guys Well Mr.Roy Mustang here looks really cool. He leans calm on a ruin drapped with the Banner of the military. But he is ready for a fight anytime, straighten his gloves, while looking out. The black coat flutters in the wind and so are the flames that surround him. Yes! He looks really cool! Now the cast is good. I haven`t seen some seamlines or holes or other ugly surprises. Mr.Mustang here is full of decent details. Like the stars on his revers, that shows his military rank. Theruins has an alchemic circle on the backside. The Ground where he is standing is a bit rocky. Not to forget his uniform. The folds looks naturally. And the coats flowing in the same direction as the flames, which are made out of an clear material. Lets talk about the painting. The main colour of this figure is blue. The blue from the Uniform. It is a nice dark blue, Ultramarinblue, if I´m right. The tarry is in a bright gray and won`t take the focus. Even the golden parts of the Uniform doesn`t stands too much out. The coat and the boots, well they´re plain black. Well I think the spots wich will be in focus, is his face and hands. Cause they are standing too much out, with their bright colours! His hands are tucked in his white gloves with the transmutation circle. It`s nicely painted on, even with the fold. But I thought, both of his gloves has this circle on. And well his face express him very good. Even if he stands there calm, he is always ready for a fight. Look at his sharp eyes and you know what i mean! Well I would like to say, that I´m very satisfied, but I cannot! I have 1 point, that I had already criticzed to the E20Team. On the left sleeve of his uniform, where one fold has direct contact with the coat, the paint has chipped of. And it is very visible. So I have to fix it myself. But the team has solved this problem with me already. They write "Service" in big letters. Well thats it my friends. Thank you for reading. With bestest Regards Mr.Li

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