Nendoroid Holo (PVC)

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Product Number  PV6848
Height  10.00 cm
Weight   0.55 kg
Part  1
Scale  SD
Manufacturer  Good Smile    Related Website


  • Minor Assembly Required
  • No Painting Required
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
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10 / 10

Latest Feedback
Zan Li (Germany) Translate

Greetings Guys This Nendo of Horo the wise Wolf is one of the most funniest Nendos in my collection. The quality of the cast is good, haven`t seen seamlines, holes and oher ugly surprises this time. She comes with a big cap, a hand with an apple and one hand with a tankard full of beer. When I saw the poctures of her with the cap, I wondered how they managed to hide them. Well you can remove her ears. I could have guessed so. And here is something I have to criticize: The gap between her head and the ears are too big. I mean they are very clearly visible. The gap of the left ear is bigger than the one on the right side. That, GoodSmile, is something that you could have done better. Especially you took more time for her. Well let´s go on with the feedback! She cames with 2 more faces, one with a sly look and the other one, when she´s drunk. Horo is the first drunk Nendo I have seen so far. But I´m not sure, if she`s the very first drunk Nendo ever. She wears the small bag with the wheat around her neck as usual. It can even be removed if you want to. The dress is the one she took from her travel companion and looks very good. And on the inside of the skirt, there is the tail attached. You can remove it, so that it seems, that she is hiding it in th skirt. The colors are well painted. Flawless if I may say so. Even the color transitions are well made. I like the Eyes from the drunk face and that the cheeks are reddened. She is really the first drunken Nendo I have ever seen. Well there is another thing that I want to criticize. But that is a frequent problem among the Nendos with long hair. The pin that should hold them is always in the way, so that you can`t position the head so, that they look up. They are always looking slightly down. But the Pin is the best solution for the Nendos to stand properly. Even I cannot think of a better way. Well thats it for Horo the wise (and drunken) Wolf Hope you enjoyed reading this feedback With best regards Mr.Li

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