Ciel (Pre-painted)

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Fize-Kapitän der Blood Unit, ausgebildet im Umgang mit Schusswaffen, Kampfkünsten und operativen Strategien. Das nächste ORI Projekt bringt euch Ciel in ihrer Black Uniform (Renewal) samt Waffe!
Ciel Ciel Ciel Ciel Ciel Ciel
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6 / 10

Neuestes Feedback

This Ciel statue is a beautiful kit very sweet paint job very easy to assemble and the magnets are a wonderful touch very strong grab so they hold all the parts together perfectly. I did have an issue with the pin in the sole of her shoe being a bit to long for her base so Ciel does not completely sit flush with the surface of the base which is a bit disappointing. So I would give it a 9/10! But otherwise this is a very nice addition to any collection! I totally would recommend prepainted Ciel this is an awesome statue! Nice one E love it keep up the great service and kits. Kind regards Craig.


There are 1 positive point. The painting is incredible! Well done! But there are very sad two negative points. The first: Her weight is to much for the stick-conection on her show and the base. She falls forward but could fix it with some glue. the second one is very dissapointing: I couldnt find her ribbon of the jacket in any of the part-packages and doesnt fall of by building her together. Still very good figure

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