Ciel (Pre-painted)

US$ 149.00
US$ 74.50
배송비 항공우편 US$ 25.04
재고 상품 (1)
수량 1
인기상품 순위  # 36 Gathering에서 (Gathering 내에서 에서 찾아보기 )
상품 번호  PF10291
시리스  Fashion
높이  22.50 cm
무게   0.88 kg
부품 수량  1
스케일  1/8


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Ciel Ciel Ciel Ciel Ciel Ciel
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6 / 10

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Craigos (호주) 번역 내용

This Ciel statue is a beautiful kit very sweet paint job very easy to assemble and the magnets are a wonderful touch very strong grab so they hold all the parts together perfectly. I did have an issue with the pin in the sole of her shoe being a bit to long for her base so Ciel does not completely sit flush with the surface of the base which is a bit disappointing. So I would give it a 9/10! But otherwise this is a very nice addition to any collection! I totally would recommend prepainted Ciel this is an awesome statue! Nice one E love it keep up the great service and kits. Kind regards Craig.


There are 1 positive point. The painting is incredible! Well done! But there are very sad two negative points. The first: Her weight is to much for the stick-conection on her show and the base. She falls forward but could fix it with some glue. the second one is very dissapointing: I couldnt find her ribbon of the jacket in any of the part-packages and doesnt fall of by building her together. Still very good figure

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