Sailor Uranus

US$ 45.26 US$ 56.58 할인 20%
US$ 56.58
US$ 45.26
재고 상품 US$ 50.92
배송비 항공우편 US$ 14.45
상품 번호  FG10504
시리스  Sailor Moon
높이  30.00 cm
무게   0.50 kg
부품 수량  22
스케일  1/6


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9.4 / 10

구매후기 하이라이트

Nice, big kit. The sculpt looks nice and is well parted. Not a lot of tiny pieces so she should be a good kit for beginners :) The fitting is a bit hit and miss, but most of the time the parts seem to fit alright. Details are ok, not as crisps as a few previous kits I received, but still alright. Her skirt has a weird bumpy texture. It shouldn't be difficult to sand that smooth but it's weird that it's there in the first place :/ Some oversanding on her legs and Torso, but thankfully no details were destroyed. Pegs are placed very convenient and removing them should be no issue. She is not a perfect cast, but I doubt that she will cause me many problems. Looking foward

최근 구매후기

sehr schöne Figur, Teile passen gut zusammen. Nur am Rock musste ich ein paar Lücken füllen

Shizuka (독일) 번역 내용

Sehr schönes Kit passend zur Sailor Neptun

LeonaSenshi (미국) 번역 내용

I just go this today and have opened it and fully inspected all the parts. I do have to note in my review that the workshop oversanded the legs so I will need to putty the whole area where the oversanding is very visible. Tabs were nicely placed on convenient and non invasive areas. Casting is great, quality of resin is always awesome, no visible air bubbles. Now I do have to point out that the sculptor did a little crappy job at connection keys and the neck is extremely long, I will personally have to modify so it will look like Sailor Uranus and not Sailor Giraffe, this does not have any weight in my final score for this kit as this was something that was obviously on the sculptor and not the workshop or store. Overall, if it weren't for the oversanding, I would have given this a 10. Still a great kit! Thanks!

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