Sakura Final Judgment

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Référence du Produit  FG10687
Série  Fashion
Hauteur  28.00 cm
Largeur  20.00 cm
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L'équipe ORI a une fois de plus réalisé votre rêve! Nous avons transformé l'illustration arrivée numéro 1 au sondage 2017 en une superbe figurine de Sakura !
Sakura Final Judgment Sakura Final Judgment Sakura Final Judgment Sakura Final Judgment Sakura Final Judgment Sakura Final Judgment
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9.7 / 10

Top Avis
Aimaileafy (Denmark) Traduire

With this ORi e2046 once again proved that they know what they are doing. This kit is splendid in every way; well-balanced, with great details and very easy to assemble, so its also a good kit for beginners. Every part fits perfectly together. No hassle, no woobly parts. Everyhing is perfect and sculpted to make it easier for us for which I am very thankful. Until now the whole process with her has been super smoothly! Nearly no sanding needed! The material is splendid as always and at some areas really thin and delicate, such as her cape, which gives her a very magical look. e2046 did very, very well with this one and did a great job in capturing the essence of Clamps famous illustration!

Dernier Avis
Noema (Germany) Traduire

I know every detail at this costume because I already cosplayed this version and the kit has every single detail I love so much!! Thank you so much for this beautiful kit. No holes, no bubbles, nearly nothing to do except painting and put together all beautiful parts. I can absolute recommend this kit and the price is very good for this high quality!

Lumi (Germany) Traduire

She is really awesome! The fitting is perfect and there are not so many moldlines. Only her head is a bit to big but I can live with that. And this time I have to use the decals for the pattern on her back. Thank you for making such a cute beauty. <3

Verena (Germany) Traduire

Unglaublich schönes kit. Gute passform :)

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