Nendoroid 阿铃 (PVC)

产品编号  PV7498
高度  10.00 cm
重量   0.42 kg
部件数量  1
比例  SD
制造商  Good Smile


  • 简易组装
  • 涂装完成品
  • 额外保障:附送外加包装,保护更周全
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10 / 10

Zan Li (德国) 翻译内容

Greetings Guys Well it was somehow funny but strange, when this Nendo has arrived me. Cause the parcel was small! I thought: "There`s no way, that a Nendoroid will fit in this small parcel! Did the E20team got the items mixed up?" But when I opened it, I was surprised that it is a Nendoroid, that poped out of the parcel. GSC have reduced their packaging sizes for Nendoroids! Well, I can accept that! But somehow I cannot accept the new packaging style from E2046. Well now to the Main topic: Nendoroid Suzu Well in the first place, I was positively surprised, that Suzu from the Movie "In this corner of the world" got a Nendoroid. And it looks good. No bubbles, but very, very little seamlines. Her other parts are also good looking. She comes with 2 pair of arms, a face and a little notebook with pencil. The facial expressions are the standard one and the other, when she`s hard thinking or getting scolded again. To the painting Well there`s nothing else to say, that she was good painted. She wears her green workwear with an jacket over. When I first watched this movie, it was at a convention. And she made this green workwear out of an Kimono. When she cut the kimono into pieces with a pair of scissors, one could hear a small outcry from the crowd. That was funny! Well that`s it for Nendo Suzu With best regards Mr.Li

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