Nendoroid More 机械装甲与卡比 (PVC)

产品编号  PV7522
系列  星之卡比   相关网站
高度  15.00 cm
包裝尺寸  高度: 35 cm | 阔度: 27 cm | 長度: 19 cm
重量  1.05 kg
部件数量  1
比例  SD
制造商  Good Smile


  • 简易组装
  • 涂装完成品
  • 额外保障:附送外加包装,保护更周全
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10 / 10

Zan Li (德国) 翻译内容

Greetings Guys This "little" Nendoroid has arrived me finally. When I saw the box, I thought: WOW It`s way bigger than I imagined it would be.But it`s not a Windowbox. While I was unboxing him, there already was a nasty surprise. But it was professionally solved, by the E20Team. I cannot mention it too much. E2046 HAS THE BEST CUSTOMERSERVICE IN THE WORLD! Well I`ll make it in 2parts. 1 for the Robobot Armor and 1 for Kirby. The Armor IS really big. The Diameter of the Mainbody is approximately 110-120mm. And the proportions of the remaining parts of the body are adjusted according to the scale. The joints, are well made, but some are too lose, while other are to hard to move. The lose ones need to be pressed in after positioning. But the complete Armor is in a faultless condition. No seamlines, bubbles, scratches or other unsightly surprises. Even the cockpit has some very nice details. And the painting is also faultless. But ok, there isn`t that much, you can do wrong. With some exceptions the whole armor is painted in slightly metallic colours. The joints to the arms are made out of clear material. Now to part 2. Kirby Well he has a surface that reminds me on the Marbles that used to be in PC-Mouse. Inside is a core made out of an magnetic metall. So his tine limbs can be slided all over his surface. But there is a very big seamline going all around him. Inside of the limbs are screws, for the mentioned magnetic force. He has an stabilisator that can be put in the hole for the bases. It is for stabilizing Kirby, when he sits in the Armor. And he has a nice helmet, with googles. Well safety goes first! Kirby is painted very simple. Pink for his body and red for his feet. And a face that expresses, that he must have fun, steering this armor. His helmet is not painted in metallic colours, but the googles are, while the lenses are blue. Well thats for Kirby and his Robobot Armor. Thanks for reading With best Regards Mr.Li