Sailor Star Healer (Pre-painted)

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Product Number  PF10710
Series  Fashion
Height  24.00 cm
Width  17.50 cm
Weight   1.35 kg
Part  1
Scale  1/6


  • Minor Assembly Required
  • No Painting Required
  • Instructions Provided
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
  • Includes display base as shown

Yaten Kou, made his stand in the final art of Sailor Moon story, and belongs to the pop star group of The Three Lights. In fact SHE is Sailor Star Healer, the guardian senshi of planet Kinmoku, under Princess Kakyuu. Yaten is searching for her with their songs.
We are pleased to announce that we confirm to release Sailor Star Maker & Fighter under ORI in the future, so please make sure you have picked Healer as the first member for the full set.
Sailor Star Healer Sailor Star Healer Sailor Star Healer Sailor Star Healer Sailor Star Healer
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Feedback Highlight

The figure is amazing. Thank you e for bringing her to our hands. Great detail and the painting was amazing. A+ on quality and shipping was fast.

Latest Feedback
Enric (Spain) Translate

The figure itself is good overall but it has some important aspects that are very concearning about the future. As some of you have said: We dont know how this figure will stay in the base in the future. It seems that it can break any day which will be a major drama because obviously its gonna break and its not exactly a cheap figure. She should have come with a transglucid piece to put down her legs so she can have a support. About the face: It seems like she doesnt have a mouth which makes her look pretty weird.

Sara (Italy) Translate

Very beautiful figure, excellent painting. Only one problem: the pose. It stands insecurely on base, it would have been enough a transparent rod under her left knee.

熊弟弟 (China) Translate


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