Nendoroid 奇诺与汉密斯 (PVC)

产品编号  PV7719
系列  奇诺之旅   相关网站
高度  10.00 cm
包裝尺寸  高度: 27 cm | 阔度: 23 cm | 長度: 13 cm
重量   0.51 kg
部件数量  1
比例  SD
制造商  Good Smile


  • 简易组装
  • 涂装完成品
  • 额外保障:附送外加包装,保护更周全
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9 / 10

Zan Li (德国) 翻译内容

Greetings Guys, Well this Nendo of Kino has arrived me today. When I opened the parcel, well, the layers of bubblewrap are thiner, but they added some piece of hardfoam. Well something I can accept. I wondered how GoodSmileCompany managed to pack Kino + Hermes in this small box, but they did it. Everything is allright. No bubbles or other nasty surprises. The sculpt is nice and so is the common manufacturing of this Nendo. The Joints are very good. Hermes has a small Base sticking in his groundside. The GSC forgot the belts that hold the luggage in position. I think it would be very difficult to make the handles more detailed, when it is intended to sit Kino on Hermes. All the other parts, like the Guns or Hands are also in a good condition. Let`s talk something about the painting. Well it looks very good. Kino herself hasn`t that much variety in colours. Her green hair has a nice accent. Hermes is also very good painted. Well there is a large Base in there, clearly for Kino and Hermes both. So that`s it for today. Oh man.... wish I can do the same as Kino. Just traveling from one city to the other on the back of my Motorbike..... With cool regards Mr.Li