Death (Pre-painted)

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Product Number  PF10900
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Height  23.00 cm
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  • Minor Assembly Required
  • No Painting Required
  • Instructions provided
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
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6.4 / 10

Latest Feedback

The worst experience from e2046. She has come with broken dress (front part). And her face is terrible. I do not recommend to buy it.

rex40 (Italy) Translate

Great detail, fantastic casting , well painted but the hoody was a bit problematic

agrden (Poland) Translate

This is the worst quality prepainted figure I've ordered from e2046. This one was my new order after few years so maybe e2046 quality dropped over the years, dunno. In the past every prepainted gathering figure had own black box with printed image on the cover, had some magnets to better stick parts together and painting was quite good. This time figure came packed only with some universal foam and gray cartoon box. Unfortunately not only box is the problem. On the preorder pictures (not those that you can see now on e2046) figure colours were live, but the figure I've received is pale - black is not real black, it's lighter, more like very dark gray. Same with other colours. Also base on the pictures were quite different than one which came in package. My base was much smaller than one one the original pictures and was stained in some places and got some minor damages. There was also a problem with scyte - it came with broken handle and already glued in WRONG DIRECTION. Also in place where it was broken it was stained with glue and got some paint damage - so it was broken and glued after it was painted! Also some parts had problems to stick together - I had to glue one tassel by the coat. Also the cape all the time falls of the head with even light touch. The cape on the head should be magnetic! There should not to be that big square hole in the head where you have to press the pin of cape. Imagine filled head hole with magnet inside, also magnet in cape, and then cape would be optional to display! The whole figure looks like it was made in big rush. Next time I will think twice (or more) before I will order any prepainted figure from e2046. The pictures of my figure you can check here:

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