Cryska Barchenowa Bunny Version (PVC)

상품 번호  PV7778
시리스  Muv-Luv
높이  26.00 cm
무게   1.92 kg
부품 수량  1
스케일  1/4
제소회사  FREEing


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8.5 / 10

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Greetings Guys Well this Beauty has arrived me safe & sound. I took my time to inspect her. I cannot say, that I´m 100% satisfied. Her body is almost good crafted. No bubbles, seamlines or other nasty surprises. Even her Bunnysuit is nice. But on the back of her head, there are some clearly visible furrows, wich comes from the different hair parts. The E20team confirmed, that they are supposed to be that visible. Somehow I cannot buy this. Be it as it may be. But thats a very big minus point for FREEing. They can do better. Another minus point is, that from the belly button upwards to her bosom, there is a big rift. To satisfy my curiosity, I looked at the other Bunny Girls from FREEing. Well, till today it didn`t catched my attention, that some girls has this rift and other not. Well people who read my Reviews must know, that I think, the tail is the worst part on all these BunnyGirls. But the fishnet stockings are good as ever. To the painting Cryska has a very light skin and so this figure of her too. And her hair is coloured in a pale violet, as it should be. In the preview-pictures, her BunnySuit is coloured a in a nice purple. But on the actual Figure`s Suit, the colour is a tad lighter, rather violet than purple. And so are her HighHeels. The inside of her BunnyEars are in a pale BlueGrey, like her Plugsuit. And the Bracelets in a turqoise. I think it would have been better, if the have coloured them in the same pale BlueGrey like the Ears. I wonder why the Hairband is in a plain black. It would looks so much better, if it is coloured in the same Violet, as the Ears or her HairClips. The Pistol she`s holding comes seperately and I needed a little bit force to push it into her hands. And she comes with a big transparent violet base. Well....there are too many things that disturbs the harmony of the figurine as a whole. So I cannot say, that I´m satisfied to 100%. Thanks for reading With best regards Mr.Li

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