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Номер продукта  FG11003
Серии  Fashion
Высота  30.00 cm
Размер коробки  Высота: 15 cm | Ширина: 25 cm | Длинна: 37 cm
Вес  1.33 kg
Количество деталей  20
Масштаб  1/6


  • Требуется сборка
  • Требуется покраска
  • Инструкции предоставлены
  • Дополнительные услуги : перевозятся в дополнительной упаковке, повышенной безопасности
  • Подставка не включена в комплект, вы можете приобрести её отдельно в категории "подставки"
  • Подтверждено Тестом подгонки деталей
  • Декали для глаз включены в комплект
  • Пластиковый стержень, Прозрачные детали Включены.

Прошло много времени с тех пор, как была выпущена последняя фигура Луны. Вот новенькая, с прекрасной позой, сидящей на луне, с длинными волосами и некоторыми аксессуарами. Ее юбка даже выполнена из прозрачной смолы!
Luna Luna Luna Luna Luna
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9.7 / 10

Выделенные отзывы

Today I got Luna and she's gigantic! The (dry) fit looks fairly good. Her arms fit very, very snug into her torso and the connection needs to be sanded down a little. Same with the bangs on her head. Aside of that she looks fine. Her hair is massive and heavy. I'm a little worried how to pin it to her face part and how the figure will balance with it once assembled. The cast looks great for most parts. Her hair is a bit rough, thankfully mostly in the inside. But still, the details aren't as crisp as I thought. Also my clear skirt had some scratches and some small imperfections. No biggy since I want to paint it dark-semi opaque. On a positive note, the clear resin is crystal clear and beautiful. The quality is top notch again. Some of the pearls on the necklace broke of. Not too difficult to repair, but still annoying :( She will be some work and has some challenges. But I really, really appreciate being able to get this beautiful sculpt. Luna is one of my favorite characters and was hoping for a proper figure of her's forever. I'm really happy having her in my collection and I'm looking forward building her. Thanks for providing this kit. She's a 9/10

Последние отзывы

Tolles Kit und sehr groß


Wunderschöne Figur. Freue misch so sehr


The kit of all kits. The one that got me into my collection to begin with. She's beautiful! She's big and glorious! Quite a bit of flash on her pieces but not too bad to sand out. The flash on the clear-piecee skirt was the most annoying but the parts all fit very well! Check the hole on the moon; I have to alter it a little to get it to sit straight as the hole it came with had it leaning back more than intended. No big deal! I love this kit!

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