Himura Kenshin (PVC)

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Product Number  PV8055
Height  20.00 cm
Weight   1.82 kg
Manufacturer  Max Factory    Related Website


  • No Assembly Required
  • No Painting Required
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
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Latest Feedback

Just beautiful. Thank you

renatinha (Brazil) Translate

Such a beautiful figure! The only problem is the missing peg that max factory decided to remove. However I am very happy with this amazing and beautiful Kenshin Figure. It was a pleasure to buy it from E2046. Thank you :)

Zan Li (Germany) Translate

Greetings Guys Himura Kenshin aka Battosai the Manslayer has come in to my house. Glad I´m not his target. First things first. He comes with a large black Base, with some golden cherry blossom petals printed on. There is a big squareshaped Pin in the foothold. But strangely there is no other small Pin there for his left foot. But there is a small hole in his left foot, for a Pin. In the base is something that should be the Pin, but its way off. It`s approximately 8mm off position. After some research, I learned, that other people have the same Problem. They even posted a official statement from GSC, that says, that all the Bases have the same structure and so it`s not a defect. Seriously GSC and Max Factory?!? That´s very unsatisfying for me. Well let´s go on! After fixing Kenshin on the Base, I could inspect him further. And WOW! Just looking at him, you can feel his powerful movements. His clothes enhance this effect. They are fluttering, but in a very realistic way. Alle the folds on his clothes also looks realistic. Even his Hair is fluttering wildly, cause of his explosive movement from his Attack. The Scabbard of his Katana can be easily shoved into his left hand, where it perfectly fits into his hand. The Scabbard is not hollow, but it`s front has a strange shaped hole. The Sabakato, Kenshins famed Weapon. Well it can also easily shoved into his right hand. But his hand is to wide, so you have to be careful, cause the Katana fell out of his hand. And also, when I took a closer look at this Sabakato, I saw that it`s double egded! The Backside of this Sabakato is also edged. Well there is nothing to complain about the colouring. The folds are realisticaly shaded, while the sublime places are highlighted. And all in smooth Transitions. His face is also very good. This sharp look at the enemy he`s striking at. And also his trademark, the cross shaped Scar. I´m out of space again I´m not 100% satisfied but I won`t regret buying him. Best Regards Mr.Li

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