Minamoto no Raiko

US$ 58.09 US$ 61.15 할인 5%
US$ 61.15
US$ 58.09
재고 상품
배송비 항공우편 US$ 23.64
상품 번호  FG11129
시리스  Fate Series
높이  15.00 cm
무게   0.83 kg
부품 수량  27
스케일  1/7


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9.8 / 10

구매후기 하이라이트

Super nice kit fantastisk detail on casting.Nice pose of sake drinking lady lots of extra parts.Nice touch with the lantern. thank you

최근 구매후기

Fantastic cast and received super fast as always

Anno Hideaki (홍콩) 번역 내용

Nice cast by e2046 as always!


My Minamoto no Raiko arrived almost safely. ;) Only one part broke to two pieces but I can fix it easily. (Part 24) The paper for the lamp ripped and don't have the art from the promotion photos on it. :,( The parts pictures don't have printed paper so I should accept it. I have to use an other paper at least because the damage. ^^" I hope I can find a nice rice paper with some art in the future. :D (My box arrived with a little damage. The damages are not E20's fault. :,() Arrived a lots of bubble wrap! :D The clear parts are super clear! It was a big surprise to get her clothes with clear and regular resin version. ;) The small light with battery was really great idea! Love it! ^_^ I didn't expect to get one. :D I really like her design and really charming! I don't like big boobs normally but the I think I like her because the diorama like scene! ^_^ Thank you for YouR WoRk! :D

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