Double-Action HD180 Air Brush 0.2mm

US$ 27.23 US$ 29.60 할인 8%
US$ 29.60
US$ 27.23
재고 상품
배송비 항공우편 US$ 10.55
베스트셀러 순서  # 80 도구에서 (도구 내에서 찾아보기 )
상품 번호  AC2409
시리스  Airbrush
무게   0.36 kg
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8 / 10

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LeonaSenshi (미국) 번역 내용

It's a decent AB for a cheap one. However, I would not rate this as an excellent substitute for a more expensive one. I have an Iwata Custom Micron, this one looks and has the same features when comparing both. But the needle tip on this AB came slightly bent, barely noticeable with your eyes but hugely impacted the paint flow when using it, it would just spit and splatter paint. I had to take it apart entirely to check it because it wasn't working as it should. I managed to straighten the needle and the splatter stopped, but you will need to lube up all the working pieces as the needle was having a lot of friction that you would actually hear, once the needle and the inside parts were lubed up, it worked fine. So I would recommend this AB for a beginner only if they know how to take it apart and lube it up.

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