Assaulter (DOLL)

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Expected Release 2019-12
Product Number  DL2064
Series  Soldiers
Part  1
Scale  1/12


  • Including:
    SSM 1.0 action figure body
    Bare weapon Hand
    Gloved weapon hand
    Gloved relax hand (left)
    Gloved thumbs up hand (left)
    Bare Feet
    SDU dark blue coverall Gen.II /w red ID patch
    Removable ID red tape
    SDU tactical armor vest
    Duty belt
    Belt loop
    Drop leg MP5 / G17 magazine pouch
    Drop leg 6004 G17 /w light holster
    MK-3 combat knife and sheath
    SF-10 gas mask pouch
    Carabiner (blue)
    Carabiner (blk)
    Cable tie
    Light stick (red)
    N225 Tear gas grenade
    12 pound ram /w carrying strap
    Tactical site harness
    Tactical boots
    M870 tactical shotgun /w breaching muzzle
    Shotgun bungee
    12 gauge shot shell (red)
    MP5A3 sub-machine gun /w forend light grip point sling
    MP5 slim 9mm magazine (fit machine gun purpose) MP5 9mm magazine
    G17 9mm pistol
    M3 tactical light
    G17 slim 9mm magazine (fit pistol purpose)
    G17 9mm magazine
    MTS tactical radio
    MTS radio antenna
    TEMCO Voiceducer
  • Minor Assembly Required
  • No Painting Required
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
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