Belldandy with Holy Bell

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Product Number  FG0464
Height  34.00 cm
Weight   0.83 kg
Part  57


  • Assembly Required
  • Painting Required
  • Instructions provided
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
  • Display base not included, you might wish to purchase from Display Base
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9.5 / 10

Feedback Highlight
冥卫十盔甲 (China) Translate

件不错,毕竟已经算是老物 大小比想象的要小,衣服的纹理很赞

Latest Feedback
Xenoex (Australia) Translate

This kit surpassed my expectations for a 1/10 scale kit. The details put into the sculpt by Max Factory is excellent, and the recast came out sharp and well preserved. Very satisfying purchase!

Tuxmichl (Germany) Translate

Hard to rate... it's a gorgous model, but not for beginners or easy to be frustrated persons (like me sometimes). Many pieces! The good: As already said, it's beatiful. It's big, really big. The casting and part fit is mostly very good with some issues (see below) and the longer parts of the wings are very good placed and hidden inside of the bigger wing parts. The bad: The inner wing and outer wing parts did not match very well, but not a big problem. The bigger surfaces are quite smooth and don't have to be sanded. But the hair (top one) and clothing are very fine and detailed, so there are some little cracks. Very very little cracks, so if you paint by brush and/or use a solid primer there should be no problems. But with an airbrush they became more visible. Please note: I tried to save the translucent charateristics of the with resin, so I used a clear varnish as primer and very thin layers of paint. So maybe this issue does not occur if you use a normal primer. My biggest issue with the model are the many parts which were filled with resin. For example every loop of the hairs (bottom one) were filled with resin (worse than in the pictures). This is good for transport but ugly to remove, VERY UGLY... the hair loops are so fragile, it was really painfull... The hair could use some sanding but I had to stop before I got insane. For the single hairs (parts 26-28, 54-57): I have no idea how to cut these out. Maybe a hot knife? I didn't like them anyways so no big deal, but be prepared... the same goes for the earrings (part 9, you can't see them but they are there). Seariously? I have no idea how to get these out of this massive resin without breaking them. So final verdict: I have no clue! It's beatiful, hard, frustrating, but... beautiful (yes, I named this twice). If you have more expirince and patience you will get an awsome model. If not, be prepared for pain... and an awesome model.

慕紫璃 (China) Translate


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