Android Type 01

US$ 54.90
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US$ 57.79
US$ 54.90
Costo de Envío Correo Aéreo US$ 10.55
Clasificación de los Más Vendidos  # 74 en Personajes GK Ver Más
Número Producto  FG11769
Serie  Miscellaneous
Altura  30.00 cm
Peso   0.36 kg
Piezas  20
Escala  1/6


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9.9 / 10

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I didnt really know what to expect at first when i ordered it beside that i just liked how she looked and the design of it. Once i actually opened the kit, i realised 2 things. First, that she's a lot bigger than i expected in-hand, and second that this genuinely might be the cleanest kit i've ever had to work on. Aside the pouring spouts there was almost no mold seam lines on the entire kit, some top level mold casting here. Only small rework that i've had to do was the mold spout on the top of the head where once its cut, i just had to resculpt/recarve the hair strands a little bit. Thats literally all the cleaning i had to do beside removing the spouts and sanding them down. Parts fit excellently, down to literally being able to hold together through a pressure fit (the arms, body sections and legs hold perfectly for example). Parts are very well packaged too, with the hair, spine and elbow parts (the small blade like parts near the elbow) in their own separate baggie as not to break. Again, very clean and organized. Body parts are also so clean that its easy to scribe some panel lines or add some custom details over them as well, overall a very flexible and elegant kit. 10/10, its honestly a beautiful piece and i'd say even its a shame to miss out on it.

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