The Devil Hunter (DOLL)

상품 번호  DL2441
시리스  Miscellaneous
부품 수량  1
스케일  1/6


  • Including:
    Hair Carving for Hair Transplant
    Hormone for Height Increase
    Leather Leg Protector
    Alloy Leg Protector
    Space Cotton and Leather Outer Pants
    Leather and Handmade Woven Metal Locking Armor and Space Cotton Coat
    Alloy Arm Armor
    Leather Arm Protector
    Leather and Metal Breast Plate
    Fur Collar
    Metal Steel Sword
    Sword Scabbard
    Metal Sword with Double-headed Beast
    Metal Scabbard with Double-headed Beast
    Metal Wolf Necklace
    Leather Metal Waistband
    Leather Satchel
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