The Wolf Of Ashina Immortality Severed Version (DOLL)

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Expected Release 2020-06
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Product Number  DL2493
Series  Miscellaneous
Part  1
Scale  1/6
Manufacturer  VTS TOYS


  • Including:
    Exquisite realistic head sculpt
    Muscular highly poseable body
    Interchangeable prosthetic left arm
    clasping real hand
    Buddha worshipping real hand
    relaxed real hand
    relaxed prosthetic hand
    Buddha worshipping prosthetic hand
    clenched fist prosthetic hand
    knife holding prosthetic hand
    beige scarf
    chain lining with black armor piece
    dark grey undergarment
    orange coat
    dark blue waistband
    orange belt
    brown pants
    black legwraps
    black leg bindings with armor piece
    white sash
    red, brown, khaki twine
    Loaded Axe
    Mortal Blade
    Loaded Shuriken
    Gyoubu’s Broken Horn
    Healing Gourd
    Homeward idol
    Sculptor’s Idol
    Senpou Temple Exclusive Base
  • Minor Assembly Required
  • No Painting Required
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
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