Twlight Witch King (DOLL)

Numero Prodotto  DL2704
Serie  Miscellaneous
Altezza  30.00 cm
Parti  1
Scala  1/6
Produttore  Asmus Toys


  • Richiesto Minimo Assemblaggio
  • Nessuna Pittura Richiesta
  • Servizio di attenzioni extra: Caricati in imbottiture extra, sicurezza garantita
  • Including:
    Asmus Toys KP+ 1.0 male body
    relaxed posture hands
    weapon holding hands
    fist posture hands
    crown of WItch-King
    grey long sleeved under tunic
    grey long sleeved robe
    long underpants
    lgrey boots
    Witch-King sword (die-cast)
    Morgul blade
    The Ring of Witch-King
    Asmus Toys figure stand