Deadpoo Deluxe Edition (DOLL)

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Product Number  DL2806
Series  Miscellaneous
Part  1
Manufacturer  Beast Kingdom


  • Minor Assembly Required
  • No Painting Required
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
  • Including:
    Dead waiter movable doll
    Head carving (Wade's eye can be moved by Wilson's head carving, the head of the dead eye can be replaced)
    Love eyes
    Focus on the eye
    Killing eyes
    Ordinary eye
    Holding hands
    Relaxing hands
    Take the Mexican Roller
    Skin color legs
    Samurai 釖
    Selfie stick
    EGG Attack special locomotive (head and tail can be illuminated), special locomotive stickers
    Cloth material boxer pants
    Exclusive bracket