Kenryu & Rom Stol

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9.5 / 10

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joe (Taiwan) Traduci

翻的很好 thx

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정말 군더더기없이 잘 나왔네요. 감사합니다.



nickname (Canada) Traduci

e2046 packed this 2-in-1 item with another one in the usual professional packing for one shipping to me. Upon opening the innermost box, there were bubble wraps, an instructions sheet, a color stock photo & 16 parts grouped in separate sealed bags. FYI, this is Machine Robo. Yes, the smaller guy on the left of the stock photo was included. He's Rom Stol. Kenryu is the bigger blue & white armor. In the 2nd stock photo is the red & white Baikanfu armor sold separately. At time of reviewing, e2046 had Baikanfu in stock. Rom Stol is a one piece figure. Kenryu is a 15-piece figure. All the parts' surfaces & recessed lines were near perfect. Flaps or spruces on the parts needed to be trimmed off & sanded off. The sword wasn't warped or bent. The "shirt collars" on Kenryu needed a bit of putty & sanding. Minimal mold lines. No bubbles. 3 minor misalignments: the large shield on the back if installed like the stock photo might have blocked the sword so I turned it upright; the hands & both arms needed to be epoxied at the same time & as they were drying, I fiddled with them until they looked close to the stock photo; the right thigh & leg didn't align because I wanted both feet sit flush with the table. It may just be me that made the mistake. If you have an airbrush, you can prime the white parts black, then mist (pull & stop briefly) white in the center of each part gradually until the black lines on each edge look like the stock photo. Google "max painting". If you screw up, reprime the part black & redo. Google "Kenryu & Rom Stol" for the photos of the bust, back & shield. Back of shield is medium gray or metallic black. Front of shield is all white with blue insignia & gold trims. Don't let this review discourage you from getting this kit. This is an excellent beginner-friendly kit. Kenryu's stance is aggressive & brilliant. Kenryu's color scheme is eye-catching. If I had to do it again, I would.

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