Minamoto No Yoshitsune Exclusive Version (DOLL)

출시 예정일 2020-06
상품 번호  DL2987
시리스  Miscellaneous
부품 수량  1
스케일  1/6


  • Including:
    realistic head sculpture of Minamoto no Yoshitsune
    super action body
    Interchangeable Palms
    white shirt
    orange coat
    blue band
    blue trousers
    black sandals
    black clogs with white socks
    gold helmet with lion heraldry
    neck armor
    black and red armor
    red shoulder armors
    gold left chest armor
    black and red right chest armor
    gold vambraces
    black and red cuishes
    black and gold jambeaus
    white armor tie
    katana (long sword)
    red katana scabbard
    wakizashi (short sword)
    red wakizashi scabbard
    red bow
    red arrows
    red quiver
    gold spear
    red fan
    black figure stand
    red display base
    black and white screen
    armor box
    armor stand
    white flag
    flag stand
    katana stand
    weapon stands
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