Emperer of Wu Masterpiece Exclusive Version (DOLL)

출시 예정일 2020-06
상품 번호  DL3012
시리스  Miscellaneous
스케일  1/6
제소회사  303TOYS


  • Including:
    head sculpt of Sun Quan
    super actional body
    interchangeable palms
    white underwear
    dark red coat
    red and purple belt with besat head (copper)
    dark red robe
    dark red embroidery front cloth
    dark red trousers
    rivat shoes
    square-headed shoes
    red cloak
    beast head helmet (copper)
    front and back upper-body dragon armor (copper)
    beast head scale shoulder armors (copper, manually sewn)
    rivat vambraces
    front and back lower-body armor (leather and copper, manually sewn)
    side lower-body armor (copper, manually sewn)
    rivat cuisses
    Hundred-mile Sword (copper)
    black figure stand
    spear flag post
    red flag with the family name Sun
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