2B Special Version

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US$ 121.60
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Produktnummer  FG12163
Serie  Fashion
Höhe  42.00 cm
Kisten größe  Höhe: 16 cm | Breite: 23 cm | Länge: 27 cm
Gewicht  1.44 kg
Maßstab  1/4


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Due to the overwhelming response for the 1/12 version released in a few years ago, ORi team used the 3D technology to enlarge it into a 1/4 figure and spent 1 year to improve the details. Besides, in order to bring you a fresh appearance, we paint her in white.
2B 2B 2B 2B 2B
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10 / 10

Neuestes Feedback

Great conversion! The details looks good! Thank you for your work! ^.-


Skipped a few meals for this kit. She is worth it. I bought two. One to paint in the black style of the game and one for the white special version. Being GK she can be painted in any way atoll so its just up to the painter how she will look. I wanted one to be the black version for the game . Love that game.


Not trying to be a sales promoter BUT ! To fully enjoy this figure its best to have two. One to paint for the black version and one for the white. 2B is such a deadly Hottie she is worth the investment. Killer kit from Ori. Thank you for producing it. Love the game Love the models from it.

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