US$ 59.76
US$ 62.90
US$ 59.76
배송료: 항공 우편 US$ 14.73
재고 상품 (2개~5개 남음)
상품 번호  FG12259
시리스  Fashion
높이  13.00 cm
박스 크기  높이: 12 cm | 넓이: 17 cm | 길이: 26 cm
무게  0.51 kg
부품 수량   24
스케일  1/6


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This time we bring you a character who is rare in the market - Kaine! The extreme match of the sexy transparent one piece skirt and the gallant pose becomes an unique appearance.
Kaine Kaine Kaine Kaine Kaine Kaine Kaine
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9.9 / 10

구매후기 하이라이트

Kaine is surprisingly foul mouthed in Nier Replicant ver. 1.22 and quite imposing. The protagonists asks Grimoire Weiss " Why is she walking around in her underwear?" and I can only smile at the conversation. This is a wonderful version of Kaine, the painting as presented is not true to her, so google search would help with the coloring of her garments. She is quite pale in complexion too, almost A2-like (From Nier Automata) with pale lips and warm grey hair. Painting is so objective, I can only point to the true to game coloring and say "Yes, that is my version to paint". The castings are perfect, clear parts for the lingerie will help complete the look and lend a level of realism and a sense of mystery to her ...Why is she only wearing this ? I love the pose, it is compelling and evokes a sense of her total disdain to weaker minds and ability. Definitely recommend. If only for the uniqueness of the character (The leering look and nonchalant attitude) I am happy , completely with this choice. I actually had put her in my wish list before realizing whom she was...Once Iknew, I immediately bought her as I am of course a HUGE fan of Nier.

최근 구매후기
Shinjibee (캐나다) 번역 내용

This is my first kit ever and so far im really happy with it! There wasn't too much I had to sand and it wasn't over sanded and the pieces fit together really nicely without me having to fill the gaps too much!

EmiNeko (독일) 번역 내용

really nice figurine! good cast, awesome fitting and she's just lovely made!


Absolutely Excellent quality and casting as per usual from E2406

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