Mentor Ezio Auditore (DOLL)

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US$ 299.04
US$ 245.21
US$ 284.09
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Close Date of Acceptance 2020-07-20
Expected Release Q1 2021
Quantity 1
Product Number  DL3677
Series  Miscellaneous
Scale  1/6
Manufacturer  Damtoys


  • Including:
    Exquisite simulation head carving
    Muscle Movable Body
    Grip accessories
    Open hand
    Fist hand shape
    Relaxed hands
    Dark green and white totem hood robe decorated with dark patterns
    Grey and white striped scarf
    Brown and silver shoulder guard kit
    Grey wool shawl
    Dark brown faux leather belt kit
    Brown and silver armguards (right arm)
    Armguard (can be assembled on the forearm)
    Dark brown faux leather equipment rear belt bag
    Red and light blue stripe girdle
    Dark green trousers
    Long-term and long-term sheath
    Dagger and dagger sheath
    Long\Short Eagle Head Sleeve Sword
    Masyaf key
    Specially designed platform printed with the game logo
  • Minor Assembly Required
  • No Painting Required
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
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