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배송비 정보없음
예약주문 (예약완료)
출시 예정일 2020년 4분기
특가할인 마감일 2020-11-02
선불 결제시 현금 쿠폰 US$ 1.57 적립
상품 번호  FG12363
시리스  Fashion
일본어 이름  ジャンヌ
높이  28.50 cm
스케일  1/6


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Jeanne appears in a special cheongsam style! The ORi team meticulously made extremely gorgeous patterns for the cheongsam, but without losing its dominance. In addition, the "All 4 One" guns are perfectly preserved. How could you say no to her?
Jeanne Jeanne Jeanne Jeanne Jeanne Jeanne