Super Sailor Mars

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Produktnummer  FG12498
Serie  Fashion
Höhe  29.00 cm
Figuren größe  25.00 cm
Kisten größe  Höhe: 15 cm | Breite: 21 cm | Länge: 32 cm
Gewicht  0.75 kg
Parts Quantity  26
Maßstab  1/6


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Mars Flame Sniper! After the releases of Mercury & Jupiter, here we finally have the 3rd project! We turn the moment she uses this strong attack into a dynamic figure with!
Super Sailor Mars Super Sailor Mars Super Sailor Mars Super Sailor Mars Super Sailor Mars Super Sailor Mars
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10 / 10

Feedback Highlight

Really nice cast and beautiful clear parts, the arrow was a little bent but nothing that couldn't be gently straightened. Nice size and really great addition to the other Sailor Scouts, can't wait to get the last addition!

Neuestes Feedback

Sailor mars ist einfach unschlagbar


Parts fit test went great. The flash from the molding process was very easy to remove and sand down. This set of figures is honestly some of the prettiest from BSSM series. I'm still in the painting process but nearing completion. Every detail is perfect and nothing needed any crazy modifications.


Another beauty of white resin model! Her hair looks like a lot but they somehow cut down the weight so she stands lovely. She does have a rather large flash on her hair, but easy to work with. Other flash is minimal and very easy to do. Clear parts fit well and all pieces packed very carefully!

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